Pull Me In!

The Darran mountains hold probably the best quality rock in New Zealand, beautiful and bomber diorite. The big walls rival what one could find in Yosemite, and the landscape is breathtaking anywhere you look. This place would be a climbers paradise, if only it didn’t rain an average of more than 6 meters (20ft) every year. Nevertheless, climbers still come from all over to battle nasty weather, wet rock, and heinous bushwhacks to climb some of the most beautiful peaks in the world.


Winter Beasts

Yellowstone in January. Only small sections of the park remain open to cars, and the entire landscape appears completely changed from the summer, although the buffalo are unfazed by the snow. I can't express enough how much I love returning to the same places over different seasons. Something about the comfort of familiarity mixed with the thrill of discovery and adventure, I can dig it.


Ginger Cracks

Max coming up the first pitch of the ginger cracks in red rock canyon, one of the most interesting and fun rope lengths I’ve ever climbed. I met Max as we were racking up at the base, I shot these photos and we chatted a bit at the first belay ledge, but forgot to exchange numbers as our parties went on our separate ways. Luckily, it took less than a day for the good people on reddit to put us back in touch: a reunion almost as sweet as this gorgeous flake.