I began to take photographs and create short films from when I was quite young. For as long as I can remember, cameras have been a constant part of my life. When starting out, I never saw an end goal, or came up with any substantial reason for what I was doing, aside from that I really enjoyed it. As the years progressed, I started to become aware of what it is that made me tick. Between filming my friend’s and I’s shenanigans, and taking portraits of family members whenever we had a chance to get together, I slowly discovered what that motivation was. When someone looks at my work, and it moves them to the point of being able to relive a moment, provoke genuine emotion, or gain something meaningful, it gives reason for what I do.

    In the last several years, my interest in capturing meaningful moments quickly merged with my passion for nature and activities that allow us to interact with the outdoors. I started to shoot skiing and snowboarding, then hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and so on. With a love for the outdoors and the enjoyment and benefits that come with time spent outside, comes a desire to help protect those spaces, especially considering the political and social conditions of current times. My hope is that my work can ultimately spread an awareness of how important outdoor recreation is to ourselves, as well as our economy. Furthermore, I want to show how vital a healthy and stable planet is to our wellbeing, and give a glimpse of the things which are at stake.

    When shooting activities outdoors, I see my work as a mixture between documentary and art. Where I am attempting to honestly capture both the action and the surrounding environment, while simultaneously creating an interesting and compelling piece. I would describe my aesthetic is a clean and minimalist one, which I think aids in suiting both the needs of documentary and artistic work. I tend to focus more on the location, composition, and timing of a shot, rather than getting the most ‘technically’ impressive image or fancy post production techniques.

    Not that a don’t strive for fundamentally well shot images, but more that I am more concerned with the actual subject of my work. This is perhaps why I so quickly grew an obsession with 35mm film photography. Despite typically providing lower resolution as well as grainier photos, analog film provides a certain look. A look which, despite its technical downfalls, is known for its emotional impacts.

    I hope that I can continue to further my career through writing, shooting, and editing stories that speak to me and that I wish to also spread to the world.